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Why Choose Magnify & Grow?

Magnify & Grow was established in 2016 to help Business Owners & CEOs grow their business by identifying areas for development and finding opportunities for growth.  Using my skills, training and 24 years of business experience (16 of which were as Managing Director in 2 different companies), I set out to help businesses and organisations to  review, develop and grow.


With a focus on increasing brand awareness, attracting new customers, transforming customer experiences and refining systems, Magnify & Grow's success has come from an ability to look at the smaller details that are often overlooked but are critical to creating a healthy business that is capable of growth.

I believe the way to add value to your business and ensure it’s fit for future growth is first and foremost with a focus on the customer - after all, they’re the ones that pay the bills! My promise to you is that you, the client, will be at the heart of my solutions and I will work with you, tailoring the services to match your budget and business needs and with your customers at the heart of every decision.  By understanding what is important to you and your customers, through a high level of attention to detail and a passionate belief in first class customer service, I will help you identity areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

If you choose to work with Magnify and Grow you’ll get . . .


A highly driven, experienced and personable senior business professional working as part of your team BUT without the cost of a full time senior employee and with significant savings on tax contributions and benefits.


Full flexibility in the relationship, with the option for you to use as much or as little consultancy as you like and I can work from home or your office.


A focus on providing staff training where appropriate so that there’s no long term commitment and you can take projects in-house as needed.


fresh pair of eyes to help you identify opportunities for developing your business and ensuring future growth. An extra pair of hands to get those ‘important but not urgent’ tasks completed leaving you free to take time out or to look at other ways to grow your business. A listening pair of ears so that you can share your ideas, hopes & concerns (it can be lonely at the top!)


Someone with a genuine interest and passion for outstanding customer service, who believes we all deserve top quality products and services.  Who doesn’t?!  So why would I deliver anything less?