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Do you want to drive revenue, increase profits and grow your business? If so you need a robust Sales & Marketing strategy to be able to market and sell your product or service successfully.
Even if your sales are great at the moment and the business is growing, what happens when your customer reaches the end of your sales life cycle or a new business offers the same or a very similar product or service? 
How will you ensure you keep in your customers’ minds, that word of mouth keeps spreading and the business keeps growing?
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Sales and marketing encompasses so many different areas with there being numerous ways to market a business, that is to reach & influence your prospects, and to manage the whole sale process, whether that’s closing the sale, securing a contract, handling the sales or managing the after sale.

It is essential that both the Sales and Marketing of a product or service are well thought out, that there is a strategic plan in which the two complement each other and work together to achieve business growth.  The job of your marketing plan is to persuade potential customers that they should buy from you. It may include direct mailing, advertising, social media, press releases, brand marketing, digital marketing, special promotions, event exhibiting and lots lots more.  The plan must be measurable and as it will set expectations for the customer as to what they can expect next, this has to be followed up in your sale strategy.

The sales process is where you are personally communicating with somebody, as a result of them being persuaded to speak to you because of the marketing you have done. It is when you have their attention and you need to ensure that whether you’re sending out a brochure, quotation or sales letter, meeting them face to face or following up via an email or call that your values and message are consistent with those displayed in your marketing.

Whether you know what sales & marketing you want or need to do and just need help implementing it or if you need to review what you’re doing and revise the plan, I can help.

Sales & Marketing


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Design, Copywriting and Proofreading

Do you want help creating fresh designs and engaging copy for your sales and marketing material?  Have you proofed your promotional material (flyers, posters, newsletters, brochures & blog articles) to ensure they are concise, easy to understand and most importantly error free to maintain your professional image?

Choose from one of the following packages:


I can assist with design, writing the copy and/or proofing any company material.  Having discussed the nature of the project, we will agree the amount of time required for completion of the work.  If you would like to take advantage of a set number of hours per month to enable me to regularly complete this type of work for you, please take a look at the Gold and Platinum packages below.   From £45 per hour.



The Gold package guarantees you 2 hours consultancy work a month which could be used for one off projects each month,  e.g. web pages, brochures, flyers or more likely for the copywriting and/or proofreading of monthly mailings, newsletters, emails, regular blogs and so on.  From £85 per month.


The Platinum package provides 4 hours per month for you to use on a variety of tasks, whether one off projects or regular newsletters, mailings, emails, blog articles and so on.  From £160 per month.

Website Design & Reviews

A key part of the sales & marketing plan for many businesses is the company website. As a tool for marketing the business this is more often than not the first port of call for prospective customers and in many cases it not only provides information but allows for online sales.  


What's more, if you do have a website, it’s essential that your website is current, engaging, error free and there must be an obvious call to action.

Some of the most popular web design and review packages I offer clients are featured below; however please let me know if you have different needs or budget and I would be more than happy to provide a tailor made quotation.

Website Design

Do you want a new website that will be fully branded, mobile responsive, custom built to a high professional standard, informative and most of all, customer friendly?  

Choose from one of the following professional web design packages:

Silver  - 4 page website

The perfect package for businesses that want to get online with their first website.  This gives you enough pages to describe the business, tell your customers about your story, detail your services and provide a way for customers to make that all important contact with you.  From £579


Gold  - 7 page website

This package is ideal for those businesses that want to launch a new site with as much information as possible or replace an older, smaller site with a more modern, more detailed site. In addition to what the Silver package offers, the Gold package allows you to add even more engaging pages such as galleries, portfolios, testimonials, links, a news page and so on. From £749

Platinum - 10 page website

The package of choice for established businesses looking to advertise their full range of services, possibly replacing a printed brochure, or to include features such as a blog or those listed in the Gold package.  From £879


If you need an e-commerce website or a more complex site, I can manage the whole project from conception until the site is live.  This could include writing the project brief, researching appropriate web design companies, attending meetings either with you or on your behalf, working alongside the appointed agency and full testing prior to launch. 

Are you just starting out and want a simple holding page or only a couple of pages? For a smaller charge, I can design something that will provide your customers with some brief information about your business, your contact details, including an email form and links to any social media accounts you might have.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Ongoing maintenance and support can be taken care of by way of a small monthly retainer where a number of hours are allocated (from just one to as many as you need) to allow for edits.  Alternatively, as your site will be built using a programme that allows for easy updates which you can be trained in, you do not need to pay for ongoing site maintenance and support unless you choose to. 

Website Reviews

Often you have ‘external’ help building the site, for creating initial content and search engine optimisation but the final, all important check of the site is carried out in-house.  This not only requires someone in your team who has meticulous attention to detail, more importantly it requires an independent view.  It requires someone to ‘walk in the shoes' of your typical customer, or even multiple shoes to represent your different types of customers, which can often be hard for those within the organisation to do as they are so close to the product or service being offered.

This is crucially important not just in terms of providing a great user experience but as many search engines rank your site on usability and reward those sites which work to enhance customer satisfaction. I’ll provide with you a fresh pair of eyes and an honest opinion on how a ‘typical’ customer may use your site, where they may get confused and what might cause them to leave the site before they make their purchase or an enquiry.

​Choose from one of the following packages:


The perfect package for businesses that want an impartial, unbiased review of their website. I will review each page, paying particular attention to how customer friendly the pages are, highlighting any grammatical or spelling errors and noting any copy that could be improved.  Feedback will be sent to you via an onscreen video recording so that you can see the areas being discussed.  From £99



This package is ideal for those businesses that want their site reviewed as detailed in the Silver package but who also require a written report summarising the review and a ‘to do’ list with my recommendations. From £229


The Platinum package provides you with all of the components of the Silver and Gold packages but also includes a review of the mobile responsiveness of your site on up to 4 devices, including phones and tablets.  From £399