Social Media Management

Like it or not (or understand it or not!), the numerous and varied social media sites offer FREE unlimited opportunities for engagement with your customers.  
Use them to tell your story, build your brand and to share company news and information.
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There are various social media platforms out there and which one or more likely ones you choose to use for your business will be (or should be) determined by where your customers spend their time, that is, which platforms your specific target audience is using. Whether you want to get started with Social Media or need to review what you are currently doing, I can help.

Maybe you need help creating the accounts and populating the initial content or producing ideas for content for you to post, tweet and share? Do you find social media is always on the back burner, the ‘to do’ list and you would prefer somebody to regularly manage all of your social media accounts for you?  Are you interested in trying some of the paid advertising options for reaching wider audiences but are unsure how to go about it?

​There are so many options and ways I can help you with your social media accounts, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn


See below for one of the most popular packages that I offer for businesses that want to get started with a Facebook Business Page to give you an idea of what I could do for you.  

Facebook Business Page

If you want to get your business online, then why not start with a Facebook Business Page?  Facebook is the perfect place for you to build your online presence. By telling your story and sharing your news, you can engage with existing customers and crucially attract potential new customers.  Whether you just want help creating your page or would like it created and managed in the first instance or even if you just want a review of your existing page I can help.


Choose from one of the following packages:


This package provides for me to set you up with a Facebook business page and populate all of the initial content including business details, about us information, contact details, profile picture and cover photo.  If you are new to Facebook I will provide you with some notes to enable you to manage the page once set up. 

If you already have a Facebook Business page but want your activity reviewed so that you can look at how to build more engagement with your audience, this package allows for that also.  You will be given a report detailing recommendations for enhancing your page and increasing activity. From £89



The Gold package includes everything detailed in the Silver package but also includes help with getting your existing customers to like the page so that you start to build a fan base, 3 posts a week for 4 weeks and a list of ideas for future posts. From £229


In addition to setting up the Facebook business page and inviting your customers to join the page, this package provides for me to manage your page for 3 months, including a minimum of 3 posts a week.  Before the 3 month period comes to an end, you will also be given a mini report detailing suggestions for posts to cover a further 3 months ensuring you get off to a good start managing the page in-house.  From £379


Check out this case study to see how a Business Facebook page can increase your customer loyalty and brand awareness.