Systems & Processes

Whether it’s making life easier for the current team or for new staff joining, keeping costs consistent, maintaining high standards of customer service or for creating a higher sale price if the business were to be sold, efficient systems will without doubt add value to your business.

Typically when a business is young things just happen, jobs get done and products/services get sold. If you’re lucky that idea that made you start your business works well and you soon find yourself immersed in the day to day running of the business and doing more ‘doing’.  It’s not often until some months or more often years later that you wonder how things get done as there’s no set system for doing them and each time somebody new starts they’re done differently.

On more than one occasion I have spoken to different clients and they have said something along the lines of ‘everything’s ok when I’m there but when I’m not things don’t happen as I want them to’ with one continuing ‘we get complaints and customers start to ask for me which is fine when I can be there.’

But it’s not fine! What these business owners were not seeing is that if they are that integral to the business then they will struggle to take their business to the next level.

It’s fine, if you  . . .

> want to continue working in the business

> don’t want to grow the business

> don’t want to develop the staff

> don’t want to take time out of the business

> don’t want to work on something new

> don’t want a day off!!

However, most business owners want to do some or ALL of the following:

To work on the business not in it

To grow their business

To develop their staff

To take time out

To have a day off (don’t we all?!)

Whether things run as well with you as without you, often comes down to these things:

Lack of induction training

Lack of review

Lack of skill development

Lack of systems


And ultimately it’s the lack of systems that mean that none of the other things happen.  There was no system for inducting new staff into the company, there was no review with new staff after an induction period and ongoing, there was little consideration given to the development of the staff and ultimately a lack of systems throughout the business that meant the business was reliant on the business owner being there. 

By taking a look at the various processes and tasks that take place in your business, we can establish where there is room for improvement in terms of creating greater efficiencies and systemising processes further, where there are vital systems missing and where there are unnecessary systems.

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