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Do you want to grow your business or organisation?  Are you ready to take it to the next level? 


Magnify & Grow offers a range of tailor made consulting and business support services to a variety of different sized businesses in a number of different industries.​


Whether you need to increase brand awareness, attract more customers, transform customer experiences or refine systems, Magnify & Grow can help you review the detail, identify areas for improvement and find opportunities for growth.



Business Review

Is your business 'fit' for the future?

Sales & Marketing
Business Team

Want to increase brand awareness and revenue?

Customer Experience

Do you have satisfied customers or raving fans?

Social Media Management
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Are you using social media to engage with your customers?

Systems & Processes

Do you have efficient systems in place?

Project Management

What projects do you want to get done?


“As the CEO and leading Multi-Care people to changes and new processes, Alison at Magnify and Grow has played a big part and I could only thank Alison for her significant effort, patience, fresh ideas and most of all her brilliant hard work! For other businesses, what are you waiting for?”

Jorge Sacramento
CEO of Multi-Care Community Services Ltd


Ready to find out more?

My service is entirely flexible and built around your needs and budget

> I can simply review the business or an area of it with you to help you identify the areas for development and opportunities for growth and then leave you and your team with a plan of action. 

I can work with you implementing solutions, with a range of packages for you to choose from, ensuring the work we have identified gets done.  

I can provide training for you and your team or manage projects for the short term until you have time to take them in-house.  

I can work on a monthly retainer for a longer period as I do with many of my clients whilst I continue to find ways to add value to their business and support ongoing growth.